I taste beer with people  from around the world!

Learn about beer styles & have fun with friends online!

Go from beer zero to craft beer Hero!

Join my 2h online beertasting tour with friends or coworkers!

Your beer Sommelier CraftMartin!

Mother-daughter owned gastropub Little Tap House in Portland Maine.

Martin the Beerhunter

I do summer trips visiting fun beer & music festivals. When traveling global I always drink local crafts. I explore craft beer bars, streetfood hubs or breweries.

Martin the Brewer

On free time I voulenteer in a local craft brewery. Following my wet dream :P moping floors, carrying heavy malt bags & occasionally drop fresh hops in the boil. The best part comes inbetween all the jobs. Unlimited fresh hoppy beer straight from the tap.

Martin the American

I used to live & work 6 summers in USA. Recently finished a two week New England craft beer trip in Portland Maine, Boston Massachusetts, Brooklyn NY, Philadelphia PA. After all the working and traveling years 31 states under my belt now.

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